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Delegates 2009

In 2009 24 delegates will be competing for the crown of Mr. Gay World. There are seven regions, and the Director of each region decides which countries or areas what will take part each year. The host country always has a place among the delegates. In regions where there is a regional competition the delegates have to have taken part in the regional competition before taking part in MGW.


Name: Victor Marcelo Benitez
Age: 34
Hobbies: Dancing, listening music and coaching in the gymnasium.
Profession: Free Lance Public Relations for BA4U rent apartment company for tourists. Model of advertising, Personal Coach and Masseuse Therapist
Zodiac: Gemini

Statement: I want to win MGW because people always listen to the voice of a winner! If I win, I will use that voice to make parents conscious of the importance of their child´s sexuality and to help them all make good decisions.

Everybody knows a bad decision or a rushed one can spoil a good person’s destiny and children are the future of our world.

Also as a winner I would like to help improve knowledge about our human rights, learning about the needs and issues in every country and acting according to that. Our rights have improved in different ways all over the world.

I would be so proud and happy to take my country to the highest position through this international competition.



Name Ben Edwards
Age 28
Hobbies Rugby Union, Surfing, and Music (singing/song/writing)
Profession Project Administrator
Zodiac Aries

Statement: Over the course of my adult life I have developed a close and intimate relationship with our community, on a local and global scale. Through this relationship I have developed an acute understanding of who we are and where we are going as a community and as individuals.

I believe the role of Mr Gay World is to provide a leading example, through being an active role model to society. The reason I am taking part in this competition is that I believe I can make a difference, especially to the youth of our community, in relation to helping both individuals and the greater community achieve their full potential in respects to the realization of who they/we are as individuals and as a community.

I believe these qualities of understanding, insight and leadership are the essential qualities which an ambassador of the gay community ought to possess. I believe I possess these qualities and for this reason alone I believe I should be selected as Mr Gay World 2009.


Name: Michael Fröhle
Age: 25
Swimming, gym, reading, meet friends, to photograph, to be in the nature
Profession: Photographer and photo editor
Zodiac: Leo

Statement: I am a normal guy who lives his life how he wants. I am independent, have my own flat, very good friends and a family that stands behind everything I do.

I am a very open-minded person, interested in different cultures, I love travelling and to meet new people.


Name: Edson Lopes
Age: 25
Hobbies: Reading, movies, music and dance with friends.
Profession: Manager
Zodiac: Capricorn

Statement: I want to make a difference in the Gay Community.




Deyan Kolev

Age: 28
I like listening to music, reading books, watching movies, swimming, gym, going out with friends, and I love Mariah Carey.
Profession: I am graduading law school and it's my last year at the university. I own a gay bar in Varna/ Bulgaria, and I'm working as a barman as well.

Statement: I believe that everything is possible! I want to take part in the  Mr. Gay World competition because I believe I can make a change as I work very hard for the things I believe in. I never give up!

People are the same all over the world - we just speak different languages. We all have the same fears. We all feel insecure when we walk in a room full with people we don't know. But we are all full with strength as well. I want to show all gay men all over the world that there's nothing to be ashamed of when you are gay.

I want to work for the people who are victims of discrimination. I want to give them respect, and share my own experience and knowledge with them. We can make a difference together!


Name: Darren Bruce
Age: 25
Hobbies: Skiing, biking, working out, yoga, sustainability, traveling, painting, and reading
Profession: Electrical engineer - specializing in renewable energy
Zodiac: Capricorn

Statement: As Mr. Gay Canada I will be a strong role model both nationally and internationally for homosexuals, and an advocate for bisexuals and transsexuals who are having difficulty defining and expressing their sexuality. Furthermore,

I will promote safe sex, educate to stop homophobia, and push for equality and human rights.


Name: Roberto Andres Alvarez Alvarado
Age: 28
Hobbies: Cinema, gym, AeroBoxing, I love cooking and travel
Profession: Technical Chemist
Zodiac: Gemini

Creo que hay que ser un Luchador incansable por la igualdad y los derechos humanos.decir al Mundo que las sociedades que habitualmente son catalogadas como homofobicas y discriminatorias, como la mía están cambiando y evolucionando positivamente.Por primera vez se realizo el Mister Gay Chile y cuento con el orgullo de ser elegido el ganador, este evento inédito acaparo gran cobertura periodística ,y me permitio mostrar la hermosa relación que poseo con mi madre en el estelar mas Importante de la Television Nacional .

Sin embargo en Chile como en muchos países las leyes tienen una deuda con nuestra comunidad, utilizare la exposición mediatica del concurso, para solicitar entrevistas con legisladores de distintos paises y con mi presidenta,aportaria con ideas y contar mi experiencia. seria mi misión como Mister World Gay.



Name: Francisco Javier Ortega
Age: 31
Hobbies: To play soccer and go to gym
Profession: Business administrator and designer
Zodiac: Gemini

This is a great chance to meet people and teach them things about Colombia and the gay community of my country. I’m charismatic, funny, extrovert and good-hearted. I’m physically attractive and I’m a good representative of Colombian men.

I have typical Latin characteristics. I am a gay man, masculine, proud of his sexual condition, and one that can give good example to society.


Name: Jakub Stary
Age: 23
Hobbies: Internet, communication, education, parties, people, business, design, photography, movies, music, swimming.
Profession: Sales Director
Zodiac: Leo

Statement: I would like to take part because I would like to travel to Canada, I would like to meet my old friends from Mr. Gay Europe and maybe to make new friends.

I can talk to people well and somehow I can convince them about my views. And I would love to use this skill not only in business but also in other parts of my life that could actually help equal and gay rights.

GRAN CANARIA (Canary Isles, Spain)
Name: Dempsey Saeedian
Age: 27
Hobbies: Sports wise I enjoy swimming and gym. I also love to do group activities with my friends such as ten pin bowling and mini golf. On the evenings, mainly at weekends, I love to go dancing with my friends in clubs around home.

Statement: It is a wonderful opportunity for me to represent Gran Canaria, an island that has been so great to me in the past. If I were to be selected as Mr Gay World 2009, I would like to help in as many gay rights activities and charity organizations as I could. I love my gay life and very proud of it.

I think a contest like this shows off so many positive aspects of the gay community, and to win this contest would be absolutely amazing and create so many more opportunities for me.

I have many friends already registered as delegates in this contest to whom I can't wait to see again, and look forward to making new friendships, and sincerely wish all involved the best of luck.

Name: Bhavin Shivji Gala
Age: 28
Hobbies: Dancing, visiting new places, making friends, and learning about new culture.
Dance and fashion chorographer

Statement: I want to win MGW, so with your help I can fight to make gay rights legal in India and at least make a difference and bring a smile to many gay people who are suffering injustice.



Max Krizinowski


Name: Max Krzyzanowski
Age: 37

Playing piano (and sometimes guitar), reading, cycling, current affairs, crosswords and combat sports.

Profession: I run security for a private club in Dublin city, and I instruct Muay Thai kickboxing.

Statement: I want to take part because it is a unique opportunity to see and experience the Gay community working on an international stage to further the cause of equality.

I hope that I might be considered suitable for the role of Mr Gay World, in part, for the experience I bring to the position.

In my professional life, the qualities of patience, respect and steadfastness under pressure have become my ethos, and I hope these traits are sought-after qualities for Mr Gay World.


KWAZULU NATAL (South Africa)
Name: Andrew Venter
Age: 21
Hobbies: Music, dancing, social interaction, hiking, swimming
Profession: Training hair stylist
Zodiac: Pisces

Statement: I may not have been in the gay world for as long as most, but my experiences in life have made me the person I am today.

I am out and comfortable being the person that I am and am confident that I can deal with and manage any situation thrown my way.

I am an activist in what I believe in and have been told that I am a role model for many around me.


Name: Arturas Vipas Burnickis
Age: 21

My hobbies are singing and dancing. I am a big fan of bowling. My favorite writers are Karl Marx, Feodyr Dostoevsky and John Irving. I am the biggest party organizer in East Europe!

Profession: Marketing manager

Statement: The gay world has many problems. Out of the 195 countries of the world, homosexuality is illegal in over 90 of them. A scant few countries provide gays with complete rights.

The Pope recently announced that curing homosexuality is more important than saving the rain forests.

The UN recently has been unable to decriminalize homosexuality with the major powers as United States, Russia and China voting against such a resolution.

I would like to make a difference and I think that this is a perfect chance to do it.



Name: Pico Velasco Michel
Age: 34
Hobbies: Work out at the gym, water sports, social activism.
Architect CEO of my own construction company
Zodiac: Pisces

Statement: I truly believe in the organization's goal, I want to make a difference with my work and example, try to bring some education to the rest of society about the gay community, make them understand that we are no different, we too have dreams, goals, expectations, we too have successes and failures, we are family members, we work hard and provide other people with work, and in the end we are all human beings.



Name Reece Karena
Age 29
Hobbies Arts, Museum, Cinema, Animation, Pop Culture, Design, fitness/gym.
Profession Graphic Designer

Statement: I participate to represent the modern gay man and be a strong role model for younger gay men - someone who is proud, healthy, educated and career minded with a strong direction in life.

I do not, in any way, see myself as a gay super hero, but more as someone that a lot of young gay men can relate to, and see that they needn't be anything other than themselves, at their best, to succeed in life.


Name: James Ciaran Smallman
Age: 21

I enjoy reading, sports, socialising with friends, I also enjoy volunteering with various community groups in Northern Ireland.

Profession: Waiter

Statement: I would like to use the competition as an opportunity to raise the profile of the gay community both in my own country and throughout the rest of the world.

I have already been very involved within the local gay community as an activist and I would like to continue to do this at an international level.

I am also looking forward to the experience, opportunities like this are rare, and I am really looking forward to meeting members of the gay community from around the world and hearing about their experiences.


Name: Kai Thomas Ryen Larsen
Age: 22
Music, dance, theatre
Profession: Artist

Statement: I am a young gay guy with a lot to offer. I am very open about my sexuality, and have become a well-known name in Norway, because of my title and because I am an artist as well, so I want to contribute and fight for gay causes and rights world wide, especially outside Norway.

We Norwegians are so blessed to have the right to be who we are in this country, a right that should be spread all over the world.


Name: Alexis Cespedes
Age: 39
Hobbies: I love  to go to the gym
Profession: Licence Real Estate
Zodiac: Scorpio

Statement: I want to represent my country in this event for the first time and show that to be gay is ok. We have nothing to hide from anybody and I will help organizations that are fighting for the rights of gay people. 

I have the look to become the next Mr. Gay World and also because I am very confident that I can proudly represent the gay community from my country and also for the world.


Name: Wilbert Tolentino
Age: 33
Hobbies: Malling, Surfing the Internet, Playing Basketball
Profession: Businessman
Zodiac: Taurus

Statement: I am very fortunate to have been chosen to represent the Philippines to the very first Mr. Gay World. Holding this honor gives me an even greater responsibility to be a positive influence to gay men.

I am a businessman, I own and operate a membership club catering for gay men. Through this competition, I would like to inspire other gay men not only in my country, but also around the world to be productive and proactive, by using their full potential to be of greater service to their communities.


Name: Deon Strydom
Age: 27
Hobbies: My hobbies is playing chess,listning to everything from classic music to club music and best of all spending time with my friends and dont forget the outdoors.
Profession: Assistant sales manager
Zodiac: Aries

Statement: The reason why i would like to take part in Mr. Gay World is to learn how other gay people experience life in there countries as well as becoming someone that can promote the gay world not just at the competition but with in myself and my country.



Name: Antonio Pedro Almijez
Age: 20
My hobbies are mainly sport, I really like water sports. I love swimming, I am a professional swimmer, I have been a champion of Spain and I have competed in major competitions.

I like fashion, clothes, reading, walking calmly by beautiful scenery, photography, the world of artists, I love music, dance, performing, a good dinner in the company of good friends, I like to stand by my family and people that I appreciate very much.

I love drinking Coca Cola, eating candy and always be positive and motivating to smile every day ... In general I like to have a very healthy life, surrounded by good people, unbeatable friends  which I like, and my passions for sports, music or cinema ...
Profession: Currently study Policia Nacional. I am working on Massimo Dutti, and working in Spain as a model of advertising, underwear, fashion designers, advertising on TV
Zodiac: Leo
Statement: I feel that I must participate and hope to be selected Mr. Gay World because I am a young male, healthy, professional athlete, intelligent, good student, with very clear ideas in my head.

I fight for the important things in my life, because in everything I do, I do not intend to rest until I succeed. Mostly I like to live this good and beautiful experience, meet guys from all over the world to make good friend, and enjoy myself just like when I was participating in Mr. Gay Europe 2008.

I think it is important to work against HIV/Aids and also to make sure more people take care of themselves and others and use protection when having sex.

I am willing to commit myself to defend with all my strength our society so that we all are treated as humans, no matter color, height, the physical beauty or sexual orientation because we are all equals.



Name: Doug Edward Repetti
Age: 28
Hobbies: Songwriting, producing music, singing, playing piano, fitness, party promotion for the Saint at Large (
Profession: Student of sound engineering/digital audio production and part-time bartender

Statement: I want to take part in MGW because we've reached another crossroads in gay history -visibility is at an all-time high.

Contributions from gay artists, politicians, athletes, etc are getting long-overdue recognition from mainstream culture. I want to be at the center of it!



Name: Juan Jose Bracho
Age: 34
Hobbies: I love go to the beach, cook for friends  and play Volleyball.
Profession: I graduated in Business and Administration with  major in Management.
Zodiac: Cancer

Statement: As a gay man aged 34 years, I have experimented and lived many experiences throughout my life. Some very familiar ones at a social level; many positive and some not so positive but they have permitted me to evaluate and respect the significance of life.

Learning from my mistakes, I have acquired an intellectual maturity as someone who is sensitive to those obstacles that the gay community still experiences in today's society.

This is why I feel that through my participation I can become a responsible spokesman who will transmit effective solutions for the needs and problems in all aspects of life that are found within the gay community.


Each year the Executive Committee will consult with the board of directors to determine the total number of delegates to participate in the world competition, and number of delegates from each region. If one region fails to fill their quota, these places can be transferred to another region so that the maximum number of places is made available to international delegates.


31st July - 5th August 2013



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